Capitalisms Positive Role?

“Capitalism is good??”



“Kittens are soft.”

As you read the title of this post, you were probably thinking one of these things. Yes, kittens are soft. Yes, capitalism does indeed have good aspects. Having explored a lot of the negative side, I’d like to expose you all to a little bit of a different view.

The main negative point that I have reinforced is the effect of capitalism on the common man. Now, here’s a bit of detail on capitalism on the population as a whole.

One of the biggest, most valuable effects brought upon us by capitalism is democracy. There is a correlation between countries that have accepted capitalism and countries that have a democratic government. Here I’d like to delve into some more detail:

Capitalism causes there to be a large middle class strife to move up in the hierarchy. With this happening, this middle class works completely immersed in the system so as to move up. Due to this, the majority of the citizens are invested in the structure of government and rules. Since they have much more at stake and also much more to gain, a lot of the effort on the part of the citizens is focused on having a stable government and thus democracy is born and reinforced since it is not mutually exclusive with capitalism.

Another major positive effect of capitalism I’d like to point out is capitalism’s aid in the flow of progressive ideas. This is an issue that has shown up in various comments and I think it’s a key component. The competitive nature of capitalism causes people to come up with many new ideas. Even though capitalism may not be the only reason that these ideas are thought of, capitalism does allow an incentive to be present for new, progressive thinking.

So there you have it, capitalism has its ups. However, the purpose of this post wasn’t to express changed views; it was to explore the other side. The publicized side.

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Does it??? (

6 thoughts on “Capitalisms Positive Role?

  1. Although I agree that there are in fact many good aspects to capitalism, I don’t believe the two you pointed out were the best examples. First, I don’t believe capitalism brings upon us democracy, if you consider one of the main characteristics of capitalism being commercialization and consumption it forces a trade-off or takes a higher priority over other issues like social service promotion and systemic problems like poverty, racism, etc. that leads to the undermining of social welfare and social equality. This scenario even works within your government example when these issues that are at the basis of our society are left to the private sector—to the companies themselves and their squadrons of lobbyists and public-relations experts—pretending as if some inherent morality or corporate good citizenship will compel them to look out for the greater good when in fact they don’t because of capitalism itself. Secondly, I just don’t believe that competitiveness is better under a capitalist mindset (although you provide no warrant for how it’s better in your post anyway you just make the claim), sure I agree that ideas can progress under a capitalist framework, but there is no reason why the best way to come about new ideas is through a competitive nature. One example that actually comes to mind is Mac and PC (and feel free to trash this example if it doesn’t suffice I’m just throwing ideas out from the top of my head), but in our world right now under capitalist motives both Mac and PC generate different types of computers both generating good ideas in order to maintain a profit and do better than the other type of computer in sales, stocks, and all that jazz, but what if perhaps competition was taken out of the equation? Would not a company that combined Apple and Dell be far superior in producing ideas than the current situation? Workers would feel content in their stable jobs and therefor provide more ideas and make a supercomputer that would be far more efficient and awesome. It seems to me that all these broad claims you are making can be inherently rejected and there is no real reason to reject the way the world works today given the reasons that you are providing.

  2. To: weezybaby24

    Cool story bro. First of all, not gonna lie, I barely understand what your saying on democracy. I’m not saying the private sector has to deal with these issues, I’m just saying that the prospect of moving up the ladder makes people more invested in the system and thus they work harder towards making a more successful system in which they will eventually thrive.
    Second, I say nothing of competitiveness. It’s irrelevant whether they are competing, I’m saying the fact that they continue to develop can be somewhat attributed to capitalism. There is no world in which they would work together.
    I’m not saying anything about rejecting the world. I’m pointing out different sides of the issue.

  3. It’s really simple, the government takes priority on private sectors over the people’s issue why in many cases the two are mutually exclusive. “The competitive nature of capitalism causes people to come up with many new idea.” Seems to me capitalism is competitive… And yes I agreed that people develop under capitalism that is a given, but saying that “There is no world in which they would work together” is ridiculous when there are empiric examples like China and the USSR that work(ed) just fine in development.

  4. I think Zain is messing with you, Faiez. I have a good book for you to read. I am enjoying reading your blog, Faiez, and your elements of humor are fabulous.

  5. I am really glad that you have pointed out the positive sides of capitalism. After reading all the other negative sides of it, it is a nice positive change.
    However, I am really interested to finally see how your view on capitalism develops. It is really interesting to read on how your research on capitalism develops and teaches me more than I have known about in wonderful history classes. 😀

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